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The Video at the public Symposium “Aging Control Design for the 100-year life” Dr. Hisatsune gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo. (YouTube, 2023)

The Video at Endowed Chairs Symposium “Mechanisms of learning and memory lessoned from mice” Dr. Hisatsune gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo. (YouTube, 2023)

The Video at the public Symposium “Aging Design for 100 Years of Life” Dr. Hisatsune gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo. (YouTube, 2022)

Slides at “21st US-Japan Cellular and
                            Gene Therapy Conference” (PDF)

Research results have been published.

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Sakurai, K., Shen, C., Ezaki, Y., Inamura, N., Fukushima, Y., Masuoka, N., Hisatsune, T. (2020) Effects of Matcha Green Tea Powder on Cognitive
Functions of Community-Dwelling Elderly
Individuals. Nutrients, 12, 3639; doi:10.3390/nu12123639

Sakurai, K., Shintani, T., Jomura, N., Matsuda, T., Sumiyoshi, A., Hisatsune, T.* (2020) Hyper BOLD Activation in Dorsal Raphe Nucleus of APP/PS1 Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse during Reward-Oriented Drinking Test under Thirsty Conditions. Scientific Reports, 10, 3915. SREP-19-36247, online (2020.3.3)*

*Press release (in Japanese)

Kao, K.-C., Hisatsune, T.* (2020) Differential effects of dopamine D1-like and D2-like receptor agonists on water drinking behavior under thirsty conditions in mice with reduced dopamine secretion. European Journal of Neuroscience 51, 584-597

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